Child Custody and Modification

The Walker Law Firm recognizes the long-term implications a child custody decision can have on your child and we are committed to serving your child’s best interests, ensuring a positive and healthy future for them.

Divorce is difficult enough on the parties already, but whenever children are involved in family law issues, the situation becomes incredibly more stressful. Child custody determines issues related to which parent will have more or less decision-making authority for the child, and how the parents will split their time with the child. These decisions relate to education, religious affiliation, health care, and more. In Texas, both parents are obligated to serve as joint managing conservators, unless doing so would impair the child’s health, well-being, or development. As in child support cases, the court will ultimately make a determination that serves the best interests of the child. The court may split custody evenly, or it may give one parent more weight in the decision-making authority, or give one parent sole custody. The Walker Law Firm understands the complexities of these issues, and how parents may disagree on these fundamental decisions. With over 40 years of experience, we work closely with our clients in order to build an accurate representation that will help to serve the needs of your child, ensuring they will be placed in a happy, healthy, and supportive environment.

Custody and visitation are also never considered to be final. As situations change and major life events take place, parents can come back to court to request changes. In Texas, the law does not favor either the mother or father. The law looks at the relationship of each parent with the child. While grandparents and others may seek custody, there is a “presumption” in favor of the natural parents. This means that the court is more likely to favor the natural parents. The attorneys at the Walker Legal Firm are equipped to help you obtain a modification of a prior order, or handle relocation matters as they may become necessary.